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Be Prepared when Winter Weather Advisories go into Effect


Be prepared when winter weather advisories go into effect. Predictions from the US National Weather Service are predicting winter weather in the upcoming weeks. We are asking everyone to prepare your home should these advisories be issued.

Locate your water shut off valves and insulate your pipes. In case of a power outage, have extra flashlights, batteries, and blankets on hand. Make sure to stock up on bottled water and non-perishable foods. Fill up your gas tank.  

Stay tuned to your local weather channels, social media, and weather radios during these events. Sign-up on the City’s Website for your Community Alerts. Make sure you have a current phone number listed on your Utility Account. Please know that we will be here to provide updates as often as possible through these outlets.  Preparing both your home and your family will help ease possible complications, should they arise during a winter weather event.