Code Compliance

Code Compliance is responsible for monitoring both public and private property, commercial and residential, to ensure that there are no health or safety hazards that might endanger the public and determining compliance with all City codes and ordinances. These code requirements are the minimum standards the City has adopted to protect the interests and eliminate hazards that could affect public safety, health, and general welfare. The City’s codes and ordinances address a wide variety of areas, including building construction and safety, fire safety, dangerous buildings, nuisance violations, public health, and zoning and sign violations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give my name and other information to file a code compliance complaint or concern?

No. Complaints can be made anonymously, and will receive the same attention as complaints accompanied by the complainant’s name and phone number. The only difference in attention is that if we have a name and phone number we are able to contact the complainant back with updates on the status of the case as it develops. If a call is made anonymously, the complainant will have to call us back, but we can still provide an update on the case. Any information given by the complainant, with a few exceptions, is public information and must be released by the City upon request. Code compliance complaints may be made to the City by phone to (979) 773-2221 ext 5., or e-mail to